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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


  We had our ‘opening’ party last weekend. It was the most incredible combination of great people, good music and a full beer fridge. Thank you, so much, to everyone that was there and contributed their selves. We danced, laughed, ‘fixed’ a plumbing disaster, sang, ate, and only slightly annoyed the neighbours. A result. It was a special time for us here, because the building worked. Despite the lack of beds, toilets and showers, it hosted everyone with ease. This space, this unique, adaptable, magical space, has so much potential, and we cannot wait to see what you all bring here. 

   We have a few more days left of work - the showers need finishing. But we expect to be able to welcome guests by the weekend, depending on drying time of varnishes/paint. 

      The website will be live in the next couple of days, keep your ears peeled and your nose to the ground. 

        Many, many thanks for your support, you are the fuel that keeps us plasterboarding.

    Loadsa soppy hugs.