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Friday, 6 January 2017


         We have been awake since 3am. A big phat phreezing wind came, after 40 days of constant sunshine. Bits are falling off the roof, shutters are slamming and doors blowing open. The electricity shut off 10 hours ago, and as that powers our water pump, we cant do our ones and twos and to get drinking water we have to venture out and visit a spring. We have one fire place in the Grove, and it is not powerful enough to keep us warm in the negative celsiuses. Little breezes penetrate you, no matter where you are inside - one of the less good aspects of living in an old stone building. We will plug all the gaps eventually. 


       It is 2017. The year that we will open. 150 years after this building was first built (my cuz recently pointed that out).


          Life is generally lovely - we eat well in our bonkers kitchen, sleep well in our bonkers bedrooms, watch TV in our bonkers living room, and shit well in our bonkers dunny. The dunny wins the prize for being the weirdest place at the Grove. It’s nice to sit in there and laugh at how strange life is. 

      That's the dunny there, right behind the wicket keeper. It takes about an hour to walk there and back. Or maybe it just feels like that at 4am.

           We work hard, but reward ourselves with beer and nice trips. For example we went to Zabljak for chrimbob. It was white and wonderful. Nice people surround us, injecting the Grove with the positive energy that will one day fuel it. Or something.  


As usual, keep an eye on Instagram for the best idea of whats going on. 

    Big Love.

  The Grove Lot x