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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Montenegro in the winter time

Afternoon, Grovers. 

         As you are probably aware, a contingent has just returned from 4 days in Montenegro. We stayed with our friends at Kula, on the steep cobbled street in Stari Bar, and mostly spent our days flitting to and from the architects. Together we visited the mill on a few occasions. Be it to measure up, or just imagine new ideas. There is a lot to think about - as we are having to remove the entirety of the internals of the building, we are going to be left with a massive box. And it’s this lack of restrictions that make decision making so difficult. The question is always ‘That’s nice, but could it be better?’. The answer so far has been yes. So we will continue improving and modifying until the answer is unquestionably ‘No’.

    On the trip we had a lovely human called Ryan with us filming everything. He will be putting out videos of what we got up to. Including lots of orange eating (all shapes and sizes), toilet shopping and stargazing. It features most of the people we are working with, so it feels great that you will get to meet them all.

   This is the last day of the Indiegogo campaign. It is unreal, the amount everyone has managed to raise. Thank you a million times over for contributing and putting your faith in our project. We won’t let you down.

    Here is some of our instagram stream from our time there. It was hot - a wonderful 18 degrees C in the winter. The sun was out, hitting The Grove at 9am, and staying with us until sunset. And it was silent. So quiet. It took me a while, but Sam recognised that we had been so used to the screech of cicadas that their absence brought this amazing feeling of calm and relaxation. We are very energised, and are getting the wheels in motion so that we are ready to begin renovation works early 2016. Chris is moving from Australia in the next few weeks, so we will all be together for the first time.

       Peace, Love and Kumquats.

           The Grove Team