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Sunday, 30 August 2015

One year ago today, I visited Montenegro, Crna Gora. The aim, aside from having a lovely trip, was to view some land. I had contacted the lovely chaps at montenegro prospects, and had briefed them with this - large plot of land, 1 acre minimum, with fruit/olive trees, with a sizeable ruin on it. The ruin was important as it would allow a building without many planning difficulties. The land was to house a campsite. It was a far flung dream i had, for perhaps 3 or 4 years time. These things take ages to happen, so i thought i would just get on with it. Get the ball rolling. Or perhaps plummeting would be more fitting, down the many, many sheer cliffs of Montenegro.
I spent 3 lovely days in the company of Ivana and team, seeing massive expansive clumps of overgrown land, waterfront properties, old palaces, pomegranate orchards, inaccessible farm ruins and olive groves. We travelled all along the coast, into the villages surrounding the bay of Kotor, high up into the hills down south and round wiggly coves.

There were one or two perfect locations, however, as is often the case with ideal things, the price was often a little bit of a stretch. 

Finally, on the last day before i ran up to Dubrovnik to meet my girlfriend, Sophie, i was brought to Stari Bar, and shown this from the old fort - 

An olive mill. 

My thoughts - Amazing. Truly amazing. But too expensive, and there was not enough land to wang a campsite on it. 

And so I left, and had a lovely holiday with Sophie. Thinking that would be the last thing i would see of the Olive Mill.