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Thursday, 16 June 2016


Today, here in Stari Bar was the First 30+ Degrees Celsius Day. Not a very catchy title, but a title nonetheless.

     A pivotal day it is, too, for today was the first official day of construction. Everything we had done up until this point either took something from the building or weakened the building in some way. From the roof, all internal walls and floors, stonework, window frames, doors, down to the very foundation, it was all removed. But today we poured concrete. Strengthening the worryingly inexistent foundations.

     There are yellows and purples amongst the green. Grass hoppers and crickets scatter as you walk down the path to the grove from our current accommodations. Snakes slither out of your way, tortoises somehow clumsily navigate and eat our fucking cabbages, frogs and toads are audibly spawny. The river flows strong, and the grass is not yet scorched, midday swims, and evening drinks on the terrace are part of our routine. It is a beautiful time to be here.

             It has been an incredible few months. We are ahead of schedule. We are tired. We are having a break. After the concrete works have finished.

   Over the upcoming weeks, you will be fully briefed. Through the medium of WIDEO we will be releasing waves of VISUAL stimulations, fact giving speeches, panoramic vistas and the like, so you too can feel as if you have ridden the Grove Train.

            We thank you all so much for your support. We can’t wait to host you all, we really can’t.

First up :

The First Visit (25 mins)
By Ryan Gray